About Woidt Engineering and Consulting, PC

About Woidt Engineering and Consulting, PC Charles F. Woidt, Jr, PE

Woidt Engineering & Consulting, P.C. (WEC)

Formed in January 2004, by the firm’s founder and president, Charles (Rick) Woidt. WEC provides specialized water resource engineering services in the core areas of Dam Safety, Floodplain Management and Mitigation, Stream Restoration and Stabilization and Stormwater Management. Our mission is to provide outstanding service, quality and value to our clients through technical excellence, “hands on” involvement from a dedicated owner and staff, and a competitive fee structure. To this end we have developed many satisfied clients throughout the northeast in both the private and municipal markets sectors. In addition, our completed projects have given us an opportunity to forge an excellent working relationship with state and federal review agencies including but not limited to NYSDEC, NYCDEP, FEMA, PADEP, CTDEP, NRCS, USF&W and the USACOE.

Dam Safety and Design

Dam failures can occur from a wide variety of reasons including inadequate spillway capacity (overtopping), poor design, seepage and piping, structural failure, geotechnical conditions, seismic activity and even sabotage.

Floodplain Management
and Mitigation

Our projects often deal with investigations of Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) requiring preparation of Conditional Letter of Map Revisions (CLOMR) or Letter of Map Revisions (LOMR). As such, we routinely coordinate with FEMA and their technical review contractors, offering us a comprehensive understanding of the administrative process.

Stormwater Management and Design

WEC provides a comprehensive range of services including Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan preparation, permanent stormwater control design, SWPPP preparation and post construction monitoring and inspection.